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Olympus Gaming Network

Sign Up for an account in two simple steps and jump right into the game. Game client is available to download after signing in.

Server Information

  • Episode 8 up to Episode 18 updates
  • Redeem System (Free eCoins and Loot Boxes)
  • Start Class / Skill Rank: 20 / Transcender
  • Start Level: 100
  • Free Starter Palladium Items
  • Episode 10 & 16 Skills
  • Fully Remade Crafting System
  • No Overpowered Items
  • Play to Win Server
  • PvP and PK Ranking Ingame
  • Boss Raid System
  • mShield Antihack System

Floating Rates

  • Experience Bonus: +40%
  • Skill Experience Bonus: +40%
  • Craft Experience Bonus: +40%
  • Pet Experience Bonus: +40%
  • War Experience Bonus: +40%
  • Alz Drop Bonus: +40%

Every hour, based on the online players, an extra bonus is applied to the server rates.
Above 10 players online, every +10 players will boost the server rates by 5%. For example with 20 players online, the server rates will be boosted by 5%, with 100 players online, the bonus will be 45%.

  • Scheduled server maintenance 20.09.2017

    At 23:00 we will have a scheduled maintenance of the server.This will not bring any gameplay changes or updates, the update is strictly for server stability and security improvement.We will announce on...

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  • [FINISHED]Seek and Kill event ;)

    Congratulations for the winners SteveAokilVladara ( l V l a d a r a )RaL03Winners will receive the Title itself.. ( Knocked a GM Down )10 Wind Elements+ 200% EXP Blessing beads..Zeratul ...

    Read More
  • GM kill Title reward

    New GM kill title rewardsThe title will be automatically set to the characters that have the required GM kills upon login in.​View attachment 4063Knocked a GM down - Title obtained when you kill...

    Read More
  • Summer end Donation Bonus

    We cannot let the summer pass away without a Donation bonus.Until 15 September 2017 midnight all Donations made will get you a bonus of 20% eCoins.View attachment 4029 ​ ...

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  • Website Update - Extreme Craft and Wiki

    Because we like to be a fair server for both those who donate and those who don't we decided to enable the extreme crafting on the website shop also so donators that don't have so much time to play and...

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  • Recent server connection issues

    We would like to inform you all that the cause of the recent issues were because of an huge DDOS attack, the attacks are being mitigated and our hosting company has issued a complain towards the companies...

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  • Summer shots - Ends on 27 August

    Its time to show of your photo skills and imaginations!Use any of the new body and/or head new costumes from the last update and use any map/dungeon environment to take your shot.We will select 10 winners...

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  • New Costumes and Mission War schedule update

    New costumes added:[Costume] Jiangshi[Costume] Star Commander[Costume] Bounty Hunter[Costume] Jiangshi Hat[Costume] Star Commander Helmet[Costume] Bounty Haunter HelmetView attachment 3948 View attachment...

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  • Web Shop changes

    The webshop categories were updated, we added the Costumes and Pets to it so players can benefit on them the discounts and can also use the refund in case of need.Note: Some items might have the wrong...

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  • Summer Sale 2017 - Ends on 27 August

    Starting from today until Sunday 27th of August all the items that will be sold in the Web Shop will have a discount of 20%Spread the word around and start spending your eCoins View attachment 3926 ...

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  • Update 26-July-2017

    Channels capacity increaseChannels 1 and 2 players capacity increased with 10% to accommodate the wave of the new players on our server.​Ranking systemTop 3 trophies for who killed the gmWhen a...

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  • New Website Module - Wiki

    The new Wiki module was activated on the website. Below you can see a quick explanation of what information will be available at start and what are the planned data to be made available via this module.Available...

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