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Olympus Gaming Network

Sign Up for an account in two simple steps and jump right into the game. Game client is available to download after signing in.

Server Information

  • Episode 8 up to Episode 18 updates
  • Redeem System (Free eCoins and Loot Boxes)
  • Start Class / Skill Rank: 20 / Transcender
  • Start Level: 100
  • Free Starter Palladium Items
  • Episode 10 & 16 Skills
  • Fully Remade Crafting System
  • No Overpowered Items
  • Play to Win Server
  • PvP and PK Ranking Ingame
  • Boss Raid System
  • mShield Antihack System

Floating Rates

  • Experience Bonus: +25%
  • Skill Experience Bonus: +25%
  • Craft Experience Bonus: +25%
  • Pet Experience Bonus: +25%
  • War Experience Bonus: +25%
  • Alz Drop Bonus: +25%

Every hour, based on the online players, an extra bonus is applied to the server rates.
Above 10 players online, every +10 players will boost the server rates by 5% up to 10%. For example with 20 players online, the server rates will be boosted by 5%, with 100 players online, the bonus will be 45%.