Slide background Slider Image Total eCoins sent to players: 246,975 Total Loot Box - Diamond sent to players: 503 Total Loot Box - Platinum sent to players: 691 Total Loot Box - Gold sent to players: 1,172 Total Loot Box - Silver sent to players: 4,668 Total Loot Box - Bronze sent to players: 16,501
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Defeat the Vikalitan of Golden Sunset
Current Owner: TheSoveriegn - RogueLegion
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Olympus Gaming Network

Sign Up for an account in two simple steps and jump right into the game. Game client is available to download after signing in.

Server Information

  • Episode 8 up to Episode 18 updates
  • Redeem System (Free eCoins and Loot Boxes)
  • Start Class / Skill Rank: 20 / Transcender
  • Start Level: 100
  • Free Starter Palladium Items
  • Episode 10 & 16 Skills
  • Fully Remade Crafting System
  • No Overpowered Items
  • Play to Win Server
  • PvP and PK Ranking Ingame
  • Boss Raid System
  • mShield Antihack System

Floating Rates

  • Experience Bonus: +20%
  • Skill Experience Bonus: +20%
  • Craft Experience Bonus: +20%
  • Pet Experience Bonus: +20%
  • War Experience Bonus: +20%
  • Alz Drop Bonus: +20%

Every hour, based on the online players, an extra bonus is applied to the server rates.
Above 10 players online, every +10 players will boost the server rates by 5%. For example with 20 players online, the server rates will be boosted by 5%, with 100 players online, the bonus will be 45%.

  • Drops Update and more

    As we promised today's update will focus mostly the drops of our server.From now you will be able to farm the Extreme Craft required items also.You can farm Mithril Parts in Forgotten Temple B2F, Archridium...

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  • [Finished]Holliday Week Event's

    Good Day and Happy Weekend OGN ...!!!Holliday Week Event's...!!! Date 21-5-2017 15:00 (server time)3 Events for the day - Scramble Word + Find item (mechanics : I will scramble an item...

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  • Server Stability back to normal

    We are happy to see that the server has no more issues, over 6 days of uninterrupted service have already passed.Thank you all for bearing with us until we discovered what was causing those downtime's.As...

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  • We apologize for the recent downtimes

    Sadly this last week was not so good for us, we had problems over problems, while we were working on some things other got bugged, even after today's update which was tested with the staff on the test...

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  • Enochian Weapon Costumes and more

    Added the Enochian weapon costumes.There are 2 ways to get the beautiful animated weapon costumes:You can craft them (as giftboxes) with the formulars from NF Npcs. The formulars cost 350 eCoins each.You...

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  • [FINISHED] Level UP Weekend

    Until Sunday 22:00 the server base EXP and WEXP rates are doubled.Enjoy 200% EXP and WEXP boost !View attachment 3512 ​ ...

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  • [Finished] SAT'DAY EVENT!

    Good'day OGN <iT's Saturday> ...!! Required Information:Date - 5/13/2017 14:20Description - The event will be held in Channel 3 Port Luxx3 event For SaturdayQ and A (Mechanics : All question...

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  • [Finished]Server Promotion Event

    View attachment 3500 Hello Redemption OGN Community,we are now wanting to Promote our Server through social media like “Facebook”,with the goal to bring more players...

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  • 2 days double vote rewards

    Due to the recent problems that caused our server every 2,3 days to block and not allow players to connect to it, even though every time we solved it fast today we might have solved the problem.We discovered...

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  • What do you want in the next update?

    As the title says, what do you want to have in the next update?Give us as much details possible for what you want next to be implemented. We might use your idea / suggestion ...

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  • Fun Server (Progresive) Play Style

    We are excited to bring to you all this new concept for our server.We are making our server a "hybrid" of a High Rate server and Medium Rate.Lets go more deeply on this feature so you all understand how...

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  • Update 10-April-2017 The 5 Elements

    On this update we are replacing the Basic, Rare and Unique Elements we all had until now.Please read the details with attention so you understand completely the new chemistry of this system.Before we...

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